Welcome, 2017! A lot has happened this past year, and many are still feeling the aftermath of these events. Mainstream headlines would include the political earthquake that rocked our nation, terror attacks on preying on the innocent, the passings of David Bowie, Prince, and many more beloved celebrities, etc. While our world has suffered widespread and personal tragedy, we can only hope that we will move forward and in the direction of a more loving, compassionate and united human race.

January is the month of “resolution”. According to the dictionary, a resolution is sited as being the decision to do or not to do something. Let’s try to focus on what what we can do, rather than what we will not allow ourselves to. Personal growth is derivative of the goals that we set for ourselves while maintaining a positive and can-do attitude. So long as we strive to be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be while putting our best foot forward, 2017 will be a great year us. Let’s make it one to remember!

Home for the Holidays

The phrase, “home for the holidays” has very many connotations for everyone all over the world. For some, it may be driving up the coast to be with your family for Christmas. For others, it may be hopping on a flight to celebrate the New Year with beloved friends. Home for the Holidays in this instance, though, is all about active military men and women who are unable to connect with their family and friends during the holidays as they are serving our country overseas. All too often taken for granted is the freedom and homeland security afforded to us by these men and women dedicated to our country’s overall safety. To all of those sacrificing their lives every day to keep our freedom “free”, Joey’s Fund salutes you!

Home for the Holidays, a fellow 501c3, is on a mission to unite active duty military families who cannot afford the travel expenses necessary in order to be together during the holidays. This fund helps families make precious holiday memories reality for those whom normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to be with loved ones during their deployments. Home for the Holidays not only assists in reconnecting these families, but also covers their transportation, lodging, and food expenses. Since inception, Home for the Holidays has been able to unite 52 military families – a total of 137 individuals and counting! Kudos to the dedicated team for bringing our soldiers “Home for the Holidays”! To learn more about this non-profit, please visit